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In life there are certain standards and norms that we follow and apply.We live according to our social standards and when we are sick and need to be hospitalized, we choose an institution that meets those standards...We plan our vacations carefully and ensure that our accommodation is in accordance with those standards... When we prepare for the burial or  cremation of a loved one, those same standards and norms should apply without saying.We offer our loved one that which he/she would have, and if possible - even better.
JENNY LE ROUX FUNERAL SERVICES will do their utmost to meet these standards and norms. Our offices have been designed to create a homely atmosphere providing a place of tranquillity and privacy to place your mind at ease at this difficult time. Our facilities are of the highest standards and your loved one will be received with dignity and respect. We offer to you as next of kin all our support during this very difficult time and remain constantly involved. You can be assured of adequate security, a hot cup of tea and plenty of privacy.
Our services will start immediately upon receipt of the news. If the death of a loved one occurred in a hospital or frail care centre where a mortuary is not available (eg a private hospital, retirement home or hospice), we undertake to collect the remains/body within one hour to be stored in our facilities.

(Most natural deaths take place late in the evening or early morning hours).


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